Lush Perfume launch

Revolutionary fine fragrance inspired by art, music and poetry.
Perfume is the corner-stone of all we do. We have invented our own fragrances for as long as we can remember, using the finest of essential oils and absolutes. Our perfumers also use scent to express their emotions and tells stories of experience they’ve had or people they’ve met.
15th September 2017 sees the relaunch of the fine fragrances collection, with a brand new look – alongside the launch of a new collection, Volume IV.
What does the idea of home mean to you? Is it the smell of baking on a Sunday? The comforting, yet indescribable scent of a love one? A warm welcome in an unfamiliar place? Or perhaps leaving for a long time and then returning?
Whether you’re a wanderer or a nest building; the word ‘home’ means different things to different people and it is this sentiment which inspired the new Lush Volume IV perfume range.
From unruly, rough and ready notes which evoke life on the road to colourful, floral and fruity notes which burst with childlike energy; Volume IV is a mix of nostalgic familiarity and reassurance. Just a spritz of one of these perfumes and the blend of fine essential oils and other ingredients will take you ‘home’.
Volume IV has been inspired by and worked on with Hal Samples – photographer, documentarian, performance artist, and an all-round living piece of art. Hal’s relationship with Lush has been that of a storyteller, sharing his experiences and life story, which have now been realised as some perfumes within the latest Lush perfumes collection.