Did you know Lush has a record label?

You may notice something different as you stroll around Lush shops this Christmas. Tucked alongside the bath bombs, soaps and gifts you will find our brand new vinyl release, The Self Preservation Society!
The Self Preservation Society vinyl (£30.00) is curated by Lush Co-founder and Managing Director, Mark Constantine OBE and performed by a galaxy of bright stars. The album captures a period of time that was rich with experimentation of all kinds, an era when anything and everything could happen.
Three long years in the making, This triple vinyl album features 34 carefully-chosen songs from the late 1960s and early 1970s, from genres that encompass progressive, folk and psychedelic rock. The vinyl also comes with a USB card that contains all the music as well as further information on the songs, so you can listen and enjoy with or without a record player.
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Lush Co-founder and Managing Director, Mark Constantine OBE comments “These are tracks from a period of time when my friends and I were experimenting by listening to everything from West Coast bands like The Byrds to classically-inspired groups such as The Nice. Each track has had the deluxe treatment from a collection of great individuals, bands and producers. The result means a great deal to me, and I can’t stop listening to it.”
Lush Music:
You would be hard pushed to pick up a Lush product that hadn’t been inspired in some part by music. Some are named after songs, others have been developed in labs where music is a constant companion as the inventors dream up new ideas. You could say that music is one of our essential ingredients.
Interacting and working alongside musicians rather than just listening to them started with our spa treatments. Music was to play an important role and become a part of the therapy, creating the perfect soundtrack to our massages, scrubs and soaks.
We now have ten treatments, all with bespoke soundtracks created by the ever expanding community of musicians who have become part of the Lush family.
This is why Lush decided to start a record label...The Imagined Village, the band that had entranced company co founder Mark, had a new album to release, and no one to release it. Many of the members had worked on the Synaesthesia composition and we loved each of their contributions. ECC Records and later it's sister label for vinyl releases ECC100 were formed.
Self Preservation Society Press Release 

This triple vinyl album is available in Lush shops nationwide and from lush.co.uk. To buy your copy online please click here
For further information on Lush's record label, ECC100 Records please click here