Customer Care

We work tirelessly to ensure the best service and shopping experience is provided to our customers.

Please find more information on the customer services we have on offer below, and how to contact us with your enquiries.


Our housekeeping team are determined to ensure the centre is always clean and safe for everyone’s use. If, for any reason you have cause for question or comment on the centre’s cleanliness please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

Lost Property

We can all lose things and sometimes they can be precious and valuable; thankfully our shoppers are very good at handing in items that they have found in the centre.

If you have misplaced an item at the centre then please let us know as soon as possible; when we have the owner’s contact details we can reunite the item with the rightful owner. If we are unable to identify the item’s owner we hold on to items for six months; if these items are not claimed within that timeframe we pass them on to local charities.


Our security team are dedicated at trying to ensure the centre is safe for everyone’s use. If for any reason you would like to comment on the centre’s security please do not hesitate to contact us.

Enquiry Form

We welcome all comments from our shoppers and visitors. The content of every enquiry form is read and acted upon. It is only through the feedback of our customers that we are able to maintain and improve our standards throughout the centre. If you would like to leave us some feedback please contact us.