ITechFirst Limited provide a variety of services which consist of repairs in all parts of mobile devices, iPad and laptops hardware.

ITechFirst Limited also offers variety of products and accessories including of all brands mobiles phones covers, screen protectors, headphones, charging cable, USB lead plug,

ITechFirst Limited was first born in Cascades Shopping Centre Portsmouth at 2018. ITechFirst Limited takes pride on professional training to all our staffs. This enables the staff members with a bank of knowledge to offer best product advice, assist to our customers when choosing product that best fits their demands. As well as allocating direction on customers who are often confused about the verity of products that are available, we offer competitive prices and friendly service. We also provide on-site services such as data transfer and phone setup. Our technical team provides endeavor to repair most customers damaged and technical troubles with their devices. Through specific training and experience We are confident to mend most mobile-phone devices issues.


Cascades Shopping Centre



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